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New designs site

Floated on September 21 2016 | 4 ephemeral souls

Icon by Ryuuen

Hi there, it's been a while; how did your summer go?
Mine went well; extremely busy, as you might have noticed from the lack of updates on the site...and this here is not a graphic update either, sadly.

A few days ago I was struck by one of my crazy whims and an idea started nagging my brain. I took these days to evaluate if I really wanted to do it and if it was worth it, considering how busy I am...and it is, so here's the announcement: I'm gonna open a yaoi, shonen-ai and slash graphics site, where I'll upload all the designs, headers, renders and icons I made featuring said theme; that of course means any yaoi/shonen-ai/slash work already uploaded will be moved to the new site.
I already have a name and a url for the site, because a few months ago I bought a yaoi-ish domain to make a shrine to my favorite yaoi series characters; that name's gonna be recycled for this new purpose, which is definitely become alive, so meet my new site project I♥Boys Graphics. ♥

This also leads to a sort of revamp on both Hakanai and Ast3rism and Enigmaticons, so stay tuned for the change; see you all after the revamp an on the new site....and don't forget to check my webstore
Stars City, where I provide customized graphics and designs for ani-manga sites. n.n
Everybody take care, and have a wonderful week and week-end. ♥

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