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I finally liiive!!!

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[EDITED ON 09.02] Just a quick edit to let you you know my webstore
Stars City is finally open...so head over there, have a look and maybe order something - I'm having a special, but it's not gonna last for long. ^.^ Cheers. [/EDITED]

Hi there, how's your summer going. ^.^
I can't yet believe it, but I'm finally updating Hakanai...for real, meaning it's not just a new look; but let's follow the proper order.

First things first the new look: it's again a table layout - like version one - but way more colorful, it's called You want to try and features a girl from an unknown series (or artist); it was inspired by a gorgeous premade I saw on The Pink Pearl, I just enlarged and coded my version in tables instead of divs - because my skills are not that advanced. :p

Second, I got a return along with one brand new affie: Kristin from Pixphoria Design is back (and she even got her own domain) - the site is still under heavy construction, but I'm so excited and happy she's back that I couldn't wait to link and announce her to welcome her back properly; I also have a new sibling, so let's warmly welcome talented Mireu from gorgeous Heart-Statiion. Check both sites, they whole-heartedly deserve it. ♥

Now it's finally time for the main even, what you were all waiting for: the new additions. n.n
I got on a roll, it was some time since last time, and managed to make 3 new items for each of my categories...so let's list them.
  • 3 new div designs, featuring from Hiyokoi to nostalgic Sailor Moon.
  • 3 new table designs, showing mostly Unknown series or artist.
  • 3 new premade headers, ranging from Sailor Moon to K-On.
  • 3 new site names - thought about them long and hard.
I'm so giddy and excited that I'm pretty much cackling while typing this post; it's been so long since I made a proper update like this one - last one was when I still had Lovedrug, I believe. Alas, it's here now and I hope you'll enjoy the new things.

Have to go now, as I've got to unbox my new iPad Air case; I ordered it 2 weeks ago and it came today, so I'm quite happy.
See you all on next post; take care, guys, and enjoy your summer. ♥

Floated on July 13 2016 | 7 ephemeral souls

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