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New things

AFFIE PLUG :: Amina - Amina - Amina - Amina

Hi there, I'm finally here with the update. ^.^
It took me longer than I expected because I decided to add a couple of things I hadn't planned, but I'm done now and can finally update; but first the new look.

Version 5.0 is a a div design called In bloom and features a spring-like artwork from an unknown artist; the layout's actually an old template I had made for a Wolf's Rain premade years ago - I haven't used dropdown menus in a while - but I recycled it, changing the images and the colors....and I'm quite proud of the final result. ♥

Still site-related, Hakanai gained a new sibling: meet the awesome Amina from super-cute Sugoi Yuki; the site is filled with gorgeous graphics and designs, so be sure to pay it a visit (plug on entry's top as usual). ♥♥

Now for the main part, the addition, we have quite a variety of things....orderly listed as usual.
  • 2 new div designs, both featuring One Piece and originally made for Enigmaticons.
  • 2 new wallpapers (decided to readd my latest ones) featuring Haikyuu and Bleach respectively.
  • 2 new site names....it's been a looong while since I added new ones! o.o
  • 3 blog script - a one-time update, I'm not gonna add more.
The scripts are FusionNews, Icon Sort and FanUpdate; these scripts' official sites are gone but many are still using it, so I figured having them available for download in one place could help webmasters who need them.

Have to go now, 'cuz I wanna rewatch The Walking Dead season 7 finale since one time was not enough; see you all on next entry.
Everybody take care, and have a very wonderful week. ♥

Floated on April 03 2017 | 1 ephemeral souls

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