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Revamp done!!

[EDITED ON 02.03] Just a quick edit to let you know I'll update as soon I find or make a design that doesn't look either too summer-y or too spring-y (so far all attempts have failed); see you then. Take care. ♥ [END EDIT]

AFFIE PLUG :: Crystal - Crystal - Crystal

Hi there minna, and belated Happy 2017! ^.^
Sorry the revamp took so long, but I went through a series of obstacles: first I♥Boys had hosting problems and I had to move it; then I had a designer block and threw away 6 failed premades; when I finally made one, I realized it was absolutely summer-y and wouldn't do for the holidays; lastly, holidays and Christmas preparations swept me away. But everything's done, 2017 is here and I finally have the time to reopen Hakanai after the revamp...with a new look.

Hakanai Designs' version 3.0 was inspired by a (now closed) webstore sample, is called Ravens can fly, uses an awesome header featuring Haikyuu!'s main duo...and it's my first success at making a real div container design. n__n I've been trying to make one of those for ages, but all my attempts turned into a mess every time I tried until I finally found a code that worked on W3Schools allowing even for incapable persons like me to code it easily. xD
I also managed to add one new div design...which is actually Hakanai's version 2 turned into premade - a div+table premade featuring an unknown artist's artwork using an header I found on a deviantART account specialized in resources for Blogger themes and sites.

Anyway. Just before revamp we gained one new sibling, so let's welcome the amazing Crystal from the gorgeous Yuugure; check out the site, it's filled with incredible designs and resources - plugs on top of the entry as usual.

Have to go now, as I have to watch the Jason Bourne DVD I bought just before the holidays; see you on next entry.
Everybody take care and, again, best wishes of the Happiest New Year. ♥

Floated on January 01 2017 | 5 ephemeral souls

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