Brandi :: May 02 2016 :: ip: logged
dealing with a few life learning and lesson moments other than that I'm good bigsmile.gif its nice to be back and talk to you. I'm glad you're back and loving your sites <3 you're so awesome
Brandi :: May 02 2016 :: ip: logged
Currently visiting my mom and sister int Texas since march its now may...its time for me to head home soon. I've been working on my design portfolio a lot and looking for a design job. i get many job offers and interviews but i need to work on getting me a car for transpiration. other than that and
Brandi :: May 02 2016 :: ip: logged
but it was the cartoon Hey Arnold box set for my mom wish she loves and i did too growing up as a child lol thats the only thing about finding great shows is that you just gotta find the time to watch them. Life is good...just been dealing with a lot of real life stuff.
Brandi :: May 02 2016 :: ip: logged
hi i-sis its nice to hear that you are doing well. i've doing shops on Amazon as much that i wound up getting a card with them. i just look amazon! omg thats awesome uo have a Macbook now we both do. thats so cool lol what series did you buy DVD's for? i recently bought DVD's but it was
Reika :: April 26 2016 :: ip: logged
Hello Lucien!
How are you? smile.gif Making the eleventh comment to tell you that Auroria got it's first graphical Update. smile.gif. 11 is my favourite number. bigsmile.gif
Best regards,
Reika :: April 21 2016 :: ip: logged
Hi Lucien! =)
Thank you for adding my link!
I think it wasn't that late but absolutely in time. =)
We're enjoying the sunny weather with some barbecue.
Sadly the temperatures will cool down for the coming days. =(
What about you? smile.gif
Reika :: April 09 2016 :: ip: logged
Aw, thank you so much! I've missed your cuteness so bad!
I'll add you to my affiliates. smile.gif
I'm so in love with your graphics and layouts! Really hope that legends like you will never leave us! =)
Reika :: April 04 2016 :: ip: logged
Hey Lucien!
Remember me? :>
I've brought Auroria back to life and I'm looking for some lovely partners and affiliates. Just asking if you would like to be affis once more? smile.gif
Your creations are as adorable as always. Keep up your good work! smile.gif
Lg Reika
Brandi :: February 17 2016 :: ip: logged
awww thanks for saying i am a inspiration. i really do appreciate that. thats awesome bigsmile.gif
Brandi :: February 14 2016 :: ip: logged
so do you have any plans for your PNG site at all? like the anime one? I'm excited to see what you do with it love.gif
Brandi :: February 14 2016 :: ip: logged

i got mine from Geek Girl life its called an image hover text effect bigsmile.gif and no problem on the wishing you happy valentine's day
Mochi :: February 13 2016 :: ip: logged
Welcome back Lucien!

The new site looks great, I remember this Premade when I was browsing through Akairou! Can't wait to see new additions love.gif]

Brandi :: February 13 2016 :: ip: logged
glad to see that you are back! bigsmile.gif the web wasn't the same without you. oh also i updated your link. you also inspired me to do something new...therefore i changed my site around a bit.
Brandi :: February 13 2016 :: ip: logged
hey i-sis! wow that was fast. i am loving both the new site design and the new site name and url. its so short and simple and memorable. now we're hakanai sisters on top of being i-sisters yay! i love the color scheme of the layout its so soft. <3 also i love the new additions.
Sasha :: February 11 2016 :: ip: logged
Yay! I'm glad you're back *hugs* bigsmile.gif I was worried you would disappear because it has been happening a lot lately... :( I did exactly the same, I made Vizune in 2009, after a year I closed it because I couldn't afford the domain but went back to the name toung.gif I will update your link right away!
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