Brandi :: September 20 2016 :: ip: logged
i love the new addition i-sis <3 bigsmile.gif i lok forward to seeing your other site back up, and might i just add bigsmile.gif i love the new look if i haven't already. i hope everything is well with you bigsmile.gif
kintaro :: August 02 2016 :: ip: logged
Hi there lucien! I really liked that you've used my icon but it would be nice to set some credit link. Other then that, really nice additions, i like the Sailor moon layout smile.gif
Kano :: July 31 2016 :: ip: logged
Hi Lucien! Papercarousel is no more but turned into! Would you like to change the link and the linkstuff pretty please? Thank you very much!
Adri :: July 18 2016 :: ip: logged
Ooh, I'm all over the place, aren't I? LOL. I don't know if I'm going to offer any freebies on my creatives/tutorials journal (, but I might in the near future. Siblings again? ^^

I love your header graphic though. Very well done. cool.gif
Lisa :: July 14 2016 :: ip: logged
Also...I like your new header. I haven't been able to pull off that sort of art viewpoint!
Lisa :: July 14 2016 :: ip: logged
Yep, I know about that! Thanks for telling me though bigsmile.gif
Sasha :: July 14 2016 :: ip: logged
Yay! Great to see Hakanai Designs back bigsmile.gif By the way, the layout is off-centre for me, my screen is 1600x1200

Also, I found the series for your unknown table layout ( It's Adekan (

Take care! <3
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