brandi :: October 08 2016 :: ip: logged
also thanks for the compliments on the halloween graphics. anyways when you have the time maybe join the 52weeksproject for making an icon every week. i think it'll come in handle for icon creative blocks h
brandi :: October 08 2016 :: ip: logged
i am sure they are going to be great! also thanks for stopping by and leaving an update. I'm glad to hear that you have a new laptop, i thought you had got a mac? unless you now have a windows and mac? anyways i am glad to know that you browsed the credits page and found the photoshop links useful
brandi :: October 08 2016 :: ip: logged
hey i-sis i can't wait to see your i love boy graphics site! its been so long since i seen a yaoi graphics site. bigsmile.gif that's so cool. also congrats on the stars city webstore bigsmile.gif i love it, I'm so proud of you. i can't wait to see your revamp for Ast3rism and Enigmaticons smile.gif
Cristina( :: September 26 2016 :: ip: logged
Good luck with your project and I can't wait to see it <3. COngratulations once again for winning the domain contest. Take care <3
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