Brandi :: January 13 2017 :: ip: logged
i am loving the new look! the colors are so pretty! glad you are back lol now its time for me to make my return now now bigsmile.gif talk to you soon i-sis
Michelle :: January 08 2017 :: ip: logged
Love the new layout. I have heard of the anime, but I don't normally watch sports anime except Yuri on Ice. XD Glad everything went alright and that's great you have a new sibling! I shall visit!
Sasha :: January 05 2017 :: ip: logged
Woo! Welcome back Lucien and I am loving this color scheme! I'm so crappy with colors haha I'm thinking of doing a web store, I only feel comfortable coding though. I have no idea what to charge too xD Out of curiosity, why did you close it? Any advice? Take care smile.gif
Shyre ( :: January 05 2017 :: ip: logged
Your new design is lovely! I really love Haikyuu, you made a really good job!!
Crystal :: January 02 2017 :: ip: logged
Yay! I'm glad that Hakani is back! The layout looks amazing. smile.gif I've been working on one somewhat similar, but I just can't seem to get it to where it's acceptable to upload because I'm so picky. 😆 And thanks for the plugs. smile.gif
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